The Har-Bowl

The Har-Bowl

BY CHAYIM TAUBER A year ago, there was no more depressing household than the Harbaugh household. Jim’s 49ers were eliminated in overtime, primarily because of a kick return and punt return miscue that allowed the Giants to advance. John’s Ravens were in the Super Bowl but for Lee Evans’ unsteady hands in the endzone and […]

Bad Weather Monday

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for Monday. The service is calling for an inch or more of snow and ice to hit Rockland County beginning late morning Monday, January 28 and lasting through 1 a.m. Tuesday. Read the complete advisory below.   WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY IN EFFECT FROM 10 AM […]

Open up DNA Databases to All

BY DIANE DIMOND The scene: A criminal courtroom anywhere in America. The players: A judge, a prosecutor, a defense attorney and the accused. The assumption: That all parties involved enjoy a level playing toward the twin goals of discovering the truth and finding justice. The fact: In many criminal cases, the prosecution holds the key […]