QuickChek Has Eyes on 9W Expansion

QuickChek Has Eyes on 9W Expansion

The rundown site of the former Middle Hope Drive-In movie theater on Route 9W in the Town of Newburgh is being redeveloped into a QuickChek store. Site work is underway laying the foundation for the store, which will be on five acres of the 11 acre property. The 6,500 SF store will become the latest […]


A failed effort to to track shell casings in the interest of solving crimes appears to be heading to legislative repeal. The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association said they applaud Governor Cuomo’s proposal to scrap the Combined Ballistic Identification System (CoBIS). After collecting over 356,000 spent shell casings since March 2001 at an […]

Local Schools Celebrate Catholic Schools Week

BY CAROLYN JOHNSON Research has shown that Catholic schools in the United States do an extraordinary job cultivating in their students the resources for social mobility, regardless of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, typically at a fraction of the tuition private schools charge. In fact, they do so at a fraction of the tuition public schools […]

Father-Daughter Writing Team Takes Westfield, New Jersey’s The Town Book Store by Storm

By Carolyn Johnson The first real snow storm of the season didn’t stop Armand Miele, 83, and his daughter and co-author Donna Miele, from traveling to Westfield, New Jersey for their first public appearance since launching Armand’s heartwarming autobiography, Born Minus: From Shoeshine Boy to News Publisher, An Italian-American Journey. The event took place on […]

Haitian Media Empire Spawned

Two of the Haitian community’s best newspapers have entered into a Joint Operating Agreement to streamline advertising and business operations, the publishers announced. The newspapers – The Haitian Times and Haiti Liberté – have different audiences and the combined circulation will be about 25,000 weekly with distribution in greater New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Montreal, Paris, […]

Timelines — 1/26

Etta James dies at 73 Legendary singer, Etta James, died at age 73 last Friday from complications resulting from her battle with leukemia. She had been in poor heath for a few years, having suffered from hepatitis C, as well as being diagnosed with dementia in 2009 and then was hospitalized the next year with […]

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